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  • 6th place for Chaos Pinball

    6th place for Chaos Pinball

    On September the 17th was the great showdown. All the games were tested by some students of Ruhruniversität Bochum, live on stream and the winners where determined. About two weeks the developers of the games had time, to rate the games of their competitors. They had to rate gameplay, presentation, technical implementation and theme, respectively…

  • [AI]-GameJam ended – Chaos Pinball released

    [AI]-GameJam ended – Chaos Pinball released

    Today the [AI]-GameJam SS23 ended. Topic was Wahres Chaos (true chaos). I decided to take one of the most boring game-genres I know and decided to make it more exciting. Sadly this didn’t work that good. Pinball games are boring as f*ck. For the game I decided to make all the sounds by myself. I…

  • Janitory Activity released

    Janitory Activity released

    This game was made for the Dingo Game Jam. The jam was HOSTED by WhiskeyDing0 in August 2023. The theme of the jam was simple. Create a horror themed game with a playtime of round about 5 minutes. This was my first „bigger“ 3D project in Godot and I’m kind of happy with the result.…