6th place at the [AI]-Game-Jam SoSe 22

Placed the 6th place out of 7. Not bad... yes it is.
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7th place for Tower Janitor at [AI]-Game-Jam WiSe 21

After a fair fight for the victory, the game Tower Janitor earned the 7th place. Overall there participated 11 teams. I am proud to inform you: We are in the TOP TEN! Want to see all the games? Click here

Die Hennerin released

Today the game Die Hennerin was released. I allways wanted to do the Godot "Dodge the Creeps" tutorial. But it was kind of too boring. So I decided to makte the game a little more complex. You can play the result here.

Latest Releases

Die Hennerin

Genre: Other | Available for: Webbrowser
You play Zaza the doggo. Try to snack all the tasty carrots and avoid the tasty pineapples. Yes, both are tasty, but pineapple makes you feel ouchie.

Tower Janitor

Genre: Plattformer | Available for:
2D Plattformer, developed for [AI]-Game-Jam WiSe 21.

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