Chubby Otter swimming between pixelfishes. DrOtter3000


I am a chubby Otter from Germany, that loves developing games and streaming. So I combined this two things and started streaming my game development on Twitch. A view weeks later I started also streaming gaming content. Since this I’m streaming every week a view times. When I’m live, you can find out in my schedule on my profile. While I was streaming a small, but very friendly and nice community was growing and I'm very happy to have them arround me and will never miss them. If you want to participate in the raft, just join the Discord server. If you don't want to miss anything else, follow me on Mastodon or the birdie site. Most of my projects are open source and you can check it out in GitHub. If you want to check out my games, you can play, or download them on

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