Pilot of the Earth on Rocketbeans TV

Wednesday the 18th of November the German online TV channel Rocketbeans TV broadcasted a summary of the minibeansjam6. Because I also participated with the game Pilot of the Earth, the game was also presented

To be honest, it was awkward. Not only that the game was not ready anyway to deliver any kind of fun, I was also not prepared to see the game in the show.

A lot of games have been so exiting, that I felt very shady for my pile of crap. But enough about this. If you understand German, you can have a look for yourself. At 3:07:40 you can see the embarrassing moment. Have fun

Thanks to the friendly community and the pleasant moderator, the conclusion was not as half hard, I thought. Most important is that everyone had fun. Next time I will team up. Stay tuned.

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