Pilot of the Earth – Result of minibeansjam6

From 13th to 15th November RocketbeansTV, a German online TV channel, started the 6th mini game jam, called minibeansjam 6. The jams topic was “Du bewegst die Welt” (You move the world). I took part at this event and the result was the game Pilot of the Earth.

In this game, god left the world after 2020 because he found out, the universe he created was very fucked up. So with himself he took some important rules of physics. The earth stopped looping around the sun. Not it is your job to move the world. While you move it, it has not to come too close to the sun, that the earth gets too hot and yes, the opposite is also not good. You also get extra points if you get one loop as close as possible in 365 in-game years. Ah I forgot, in his anger, god destroyed some planets. Please don’t crash the asteroids.

At the end of the jam I could not finish the game. There is a lot to do but I will try to bring out a playable beta until Friday the 20th. At this moment the Earth can be moved, the audio works, there is a GUI and all the assets are included. There is one known bug with the parallax scrolling that needs to be fixed too.

The graphics are all done by myself. The music was found at opengameart.org. The track is named “Easy walk” by Arthur. For the graphics I used GIMP and the game engine is Godot.



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