“miniBeansjam 6” and darknet-online.com joins

What the freak is this? There is a ‘miniBeansjam’? Isn’t that cool? Yeah for sure. But what could be cooler? Yes right: I will join this jam. Far away by the glorious ‘Beansjams’ from “Rocketbeans TV”, a German online-TV broadcaster with strong focus on gaming, there evolved the community driven idea of mini game jams. So they started their own Beansjams. And this time, from the 13th to the 15th November will be my time. The theme will be announced at start of the jam. I think I will not team up. Let’s see how far I can come as a single developer.


https://itch.io/jam/minibeansjam6 (German)

https://rocketbeans.tv (German)

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