Low level [game]development

About Me

Hi there! I'm Dr Otter 3000, an independent game and software developer from Berlin, Germany. You can often find me streaming my coding adventures on Twitch. I'm very chatty and love to engage with my viewers, so feel free to join in the conversation!

I'm a frequent participant in game jams and love the creative challenges they present. Most of my code is open source, as I believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge within the developer community.

Aside from coding, I also feel a strong connection to the furry community. It's a vibrant and inclusive community that I'm proud to be a part of.

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As an advocate for open-source development, I prioritize the use of open-source tools in crafting my applications. Here's a curated selection of the tools I frequently employ to bring my ideas to life.

Projects and Releases

Feel free to explore my collection of open-source code and freely accessible games. Take a peek at my itch.io page and don't hesitate to leave your thoughts and feedback. If you encounter any bugs or have specific requests, drop a comment on itch.io or, if you're feeling particularly awesome, open an issue on GitHub. While my code primarily operates on Linux, I also export my games for Microsoft Windows, although I can't personally verify their functionality on that platform. For the ultimate experience, consider embracing the penguin and liberate your computer by installing Linux.

Connect with Me

You also can reach me via XMPP/Jabber at xtristrix@jabber.ccc.de. I utilize OMEMO encryption for added security, so it would be appreciated if you could also employ it for our communication.