Janitory Activity – fluffy edition released

This is the fluffy edition of „Janitory Activity„. A game that was made for the WhiskeyDing0 – game jam. Max Fluffy didn’t want to play the original because it is too „spooky“, so I reduced the horror elements a little bit. 

Here are the changes:

  1. Removed fog a lot
  2. Changed the colors to more… pink
  3. Changed the character model of the enemy
  4. Added 2 more posters
  5. Changed lore
  6. Removed jumpscare
  7. Added Background Music („The Penis (eek)“ from Surasshu)
  8. Turned up the light a lot

Now everything is more… uwu. The game is not longer scary at all, but it is OK.
And because a lot of people asked if they can download it, I decided to make it public. So have fun with it and good luck. Don’t get kissed by HIM.

Get the game for free on itch.io