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Rain jam is over, Antonia is in action

WTF? 48 hours can pass so fast? My first game jam is over and ‘Rainrunner’ alpha is released. I didn’t finish the game yet but I think I am on a good way to get it done.

To be honest, 48 hours have been a too short time to create a complete game. I don’t have enough routine in game-development yet. But I think it will become better and better.

In the version of Rainrunner that is released at the end of the jam, you can play with Antonia, the ant. She can jump, turn around and walk. Also there is some collision-management included at this time. There are the following things in my backlog that will be fixed until beta:

  • Antonia will die, if she contacts the hit-box of an enemy
  • there will be an start-menu
  • Antonia will get an die and jump animation
  • an HUD will be included as well
  • there will be any kind of sound

I was happy if you stay tuned and about the game. Feel free to watch all the other of the 24 submissions on this jam.

Link to Rainrunner

Link to the submissions

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